About Conference

The first ever OpenSource Conference in Aurangabad is going to be held on 09’th – 10’th Feb 2019. The Conference is targeted at nurturing and promoting the Open Source technologies in the city. In the last few years, Open Source has changed the face of computing more than anyone would have thought possible. The goal of conference is to convince you to consider using Open Source when you’re looking for software, using quantitative measures and NOT because these are cost free (which most of the times, they aren’t). For the conference we have brought in some experts from the opensource field. For registration purpose please visit our Registration page.



Why to Attend ?

Updates On Latest OpenSource Technologies, Tools & Best Practices Emerging From The Field Of  OpenSource.
Network With Peers And Industry Gurus.
Expert Interactions Along With Their Industrial Experience On OpenSource.
Career guidance and academic projects in OpenSource.
 Chance To Win Branded Goodies.
Participation Certificate.